Emblem 56

Information and materials

"As with Pere Ubu, who, in Alfred Jarry's signature drawing, has a spiral on his stomach to symbolise his ferocious and insatiable appetite, *****  ****** too should bear this symbol of the coil, the gidouilee, the oroboros, as representing an infinity of consumption which always seeks more.
For ******, the exhausting pleasure of the book is in the work involved in chewing-up its coagulated meaning. Or to put it another way, the book only begins for ****** in a place where meaning vacillates - a situtation he creates through drawing attention to the material support the book brings to meaning.  This is the materiality of the book that forms the basis of his work.  To glimpse something of this collection it is necessary to work with him, to talk to him, to listen to him.  It does not exist on his shelves but exists within the destructive flow of his work." - Dr. ********* ********** psychoanalyst.

-gidouille monoprint by ************..... for ***** ******