Emblem 55

Information and materials

Sign in hardware store, Marfa, West Texas. Photographed in January 2004.

“Rubenius threw him down upon the counter all kinds of shoes which had been
in fashion with the Romans.--

There was,
The open shoe.
The close shoe.
The slip shoe.
The wooden shoe.
The soc.
The buskin.
And The military shoe with hobnails in it, which Juvenal takes notice of.

There were,
The clogs.
The pattins.
The pantoufles.
The brogues.
The sandals, with latchets to them.

There was,
The felt shoe.
The linen shoe.
The laced shoe.
The braided shoe.
The calceus incisus.
And The calceus rostratus.

Rubenius shewed my father how well they all fitted,--in what manner they

laced on,--with what points, straps, thongs, latchets, ribbands, jaggs, and
--But I want to be informed about the breeches, said my father.”