Emblem 97

Information and materials

Every one of Sterne’s marbled pages is different and unique, and yet they are all the same – a bit like days in our lives. This concept reminded me of the ‘find it’ game: a see-through plastic tube of about the size of a packet of Pringles. It does not open, and inside are thousands of little plastic bits like larger ‘hundreds & thousands’, mixed with a few bigger items. You have to turn and shake the tube to half-reveal the items and guess what they are, but you can never find all the ones that are supposed to be in there, as some are permanently buried. So, every time you shake & turn it looks different and cannot be reproduced in exactly the same way – and yet it is all the same….

I took a blurred close-up photo of a section of the game and added the ‘chrome’ photoshop filter. This turned it into a (sadly monochrome) marbled page. Like Sterne’s marbled pages it is double-sided.