Emblem 73

Information and materials

I don’t remember quite how it happened, but somehow I’ve come to identify myself as a pegdoll. This is not quite as daft as it sounds because I am an illustrator who creates characters for children’s books, and this sort of thing happens a lot.  A pegdoll has become shorthand for when I want to identify myself visually, quickly and simply.  This is drawn in coloured pencil and watercolour.

I find that collage is one of the best ways to introduce chance into artworks.  I didn’t have any marbled paper but I’ve been using Japanese origami papers to make illustrations for The Nightingale, so I’ve made an image using the little left over scrap cuttings on my desk, forming some into figurative shapes.  They are like little ideas that spring out of the process of working.  They are breaking out of the black frame because they have taken on a life of their own.