Emblem 60

Information and materials

Charcoal & printed advertisement from ‘The World’s Fair’ a weekly paper for the market & showman’s world.

2 challenges facing us:

  1. Markets are declining and may well cease in our lifetime ‘market town, market square’ will become old terms no longer relevant to our times.
  2. The production of charcoal and its use in Biochar may well save the planet. But…
Not if you burn it. Instead charcoal must be buried in the ground to improve the soil & capture carbon.
As half the world cooks on charcoal this is a challenge.
This work draws together these challenges by offering an optimistic advert (?) with a statement of fact.
-       Will the catering pitch use charcoal?
-       Will the world start making Biochar with some of their charcoal?

Probably not….