Emblem 20

Information and materials
The Size
Satiagum MM30 and Deionized water.

The Inks
Liquifex Artist Colour – Acrylic – Heavy Body Cadmium Red Deep
Phthalocyanine Blue & Mars Black (both whisked and rotten)
Prussian Blue
Cadmium Orange
Schmincke Akademic Acryl Color – Gold (used as a surfactant)

The Manipulations
  1. 1st application of inks with rice straws
  2. Git gel diagonally
  3. 2nd application of inks with rice straw
  4. 2nd git gel horizontally leaving the top area of stones unaffected
  5. Nonpareil comb leaving area of git gel
  6. Placing of mask
  7. Curl within the combed area
  8. Placing of paper, lifting & cleaning.