Emblem 130

Information and materials


(Sterne’s parenthesis, anagrammed as my hope for ultimate absorption into anonymous tradition: ‘bow’ as onstage gesture, and as Art)

There follow anagrams of seventeen titles from my work, listed chronologically, each anagram accurate to one or other aspect of the work itself.

its sequence of effect. We could have a ‘quatrain’:

 O Menace, O Fright

                                                of eco-nightmare

                                                Ace moon-freight

                                                of magic thereon

its central process of human transformation

its female lead embodies its title metaphor in drastic sense

its meaning; with shift of one word (‘not’ to precede ‘ashore’),  its story-line

as it suggests, the old gods bide their hour

the suppressed letter, not present in its title, would make visible the taboo that is its theme

i.e  we the audience do

as its protagonist will surely have been

so he surprisingly becomes

she is

its principal process

could have been an image in his Ken Russell film

his schooling, repression: their fruit his distinctive art, often with religious overtone

my sentiment exactly

------ a rather Genetesque one in fact

what, in his last line, the play’s creature promises to do

he is