Emblem 118

Information and materials

Materials used: edding 55pen; laptop (MacBook pro); Venice and environs; memories of the pigmentation on my father’s hands; brains

(This Emblem is on two pages - the transcription beneath is of the second page)


Funny thing, humour.
In Sterne, we study it.
To find out why it was funny once.
The half-life of jokes.

The dictionary’s identity parade
of suspect suspects.


(For example, ‘fool’.
 Very deceptive.) 


Funny word, ‘funny’.
Pretty peculiar.
Peculiar word, ‘pretty’. Very.


My father’s hands before he died.
Cartographic. Boundaries. Edges.
Uncertain of the destination,
or what was sea
and which was land.
Or what the pigment meant.
He was the map.
And the map knew where it was going.