Emblem 115

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Chinese ink and rice paper with an ancient Japanese technique called Suminagashi, which we can find a page in the collections of 36 Heian poets called “Hongannji-bon Sanjurokunin-kashu”. According to the reliable scholar the page contains Suminagashi is from circa 1,100. The technique is possibly the oldest surviving marbling. 
Upon returning to Tokyo from New York, that was 50 years ago, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Yoko Ono’s first husband, told me that George Maciunas was the guy who made paintings with floating oil paints on a water filled bath tub and by spreading a canvass on the tub, which enabled George to create a painting very quick and easily.
Suminagashi is similar but not exactly the same. However, both Suminagashi and Maciunas’s instant paintings are based on the spirit of DADA, complete reliance upon the aleatory.