The Emblem of My Work opened in the gallery at Shandy Hall on 3 September.  It is open every day (except Saturdays) 11am - 4pm.

The Emblem of My Work celebrates the 250th anniversary of the marbled page (page 169) in Volume III of Tristram Shandy.

Each of the 73 artists who kindly contributed to the Black Page exhibition in 2009 was invited to take part in this year's Emblem exhibition and was also encouraged to nominate another participant.  
Each contributor was sent a blank template of page 169 (see above) and each has created the 'emblem of their work' within the boundaries of the rectangle. Partly by design (and partly by chance) the final number of artists and writers involved is 170 and all can be seen until 31 October when the exhibition closes.* Indeed chance has played a vital part in the process of putting this exhibition together and there are a number of unseen connections linking one contributor to another.  
Each resulting page is on display in the gallery (and on this blog) with a description (where provided) of process and materials.
A list of all 170 contributors is on display in the gallery but the identity of the maker of each work is hidden. The visitor is invited to match the work to its maker.
All Emblems are for sale - the first bid is £50, the second £75, the third £100. Over £100 the bids are in £50 increments (see: Bidding). 
The exhibition is free and is open every day (except Saturdays) 11am - 4pm.  
The gardens are also open (admission £2.50) and Shandy Hall is open at the usual advertised times.

This exhibition is part of Art in Yorkshire supported by Tate.